Sound Protocol
Gas benchmarks

Gas benchmarks

Edition & mint config creation

The following are some scenarios that can be used to estimate the gas cost of deploying & initializing your edition, as well as initializing the configuration(s) for a sale. Each of the listed transactions can be made separately, but it is more convenient to use SoundCreatorV1.createSoundAndMints, which can execute any arbitrary list of contract calls.

Dollar figures below assume a gas price of 15 gwei and ETH price of $1,500. To check calculations with different figures, use a gas calculator.

Public fixed-price edition

Gas total: 328,264
Price estimate: $7.39

Public sale + 1 presale

Gas total: 451,043
Price estimate: $10.15

Public sale + 1 free mint + 1 presale

Gas total: 549,558
Price estimate: $12.37