Sound Protocol

Sound Protocol

The Sound Protocol is a permissionless, open-source, modular smart contract framework for efficient creation of digital collectibles by musicians, artists, and creators.

Introductory overview: Sound Protocol: Technical Deep Dive

Sound Protocol Github repo



Anyone can freely deploy Sound contracts.

Non-upgradeable contracts

All contracts are non-upgradeable, which gives artists and collectors greater confidence in the security and sovereignty of the communities they can build on Sound.

Customizable metadata

Artists and developers are free to implement custom metadata modules to suit their needs.

Customizable mint formats

Mint formats can be customized on a per-song basis by utilizing minter module contracts.

Customizable payments & royalties

With each song as its own contract, Sound Protocol supports end-to-end royalties across primary and secondary sales. Any address can be set to receive the edition’s revenue, be it the artist’s wallet or a payment splitter contract.

Gas efficient

A great amount of effort was made toward making the Sound Protocol gas efficient. See gas benchmarks section for details.